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Director: Melissa Dill

For over two decades, Melissa has shattered gender barriers and blazed a trail in traditionally male-dominated industries. 

A survivor of a violent assault – she transformed her experience into a powerful force for change.  She is dedicated to the mission of violence prevention and personal safety by leveraging her unique background to advocate for those in need.  Melissa understands the profound impact of trauma firsthand and has used her journey to become a steadfast violence interrupter, offering support and guidance to those affected by violence.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Melissa is a loving mother and foster parent, instilling her values of resilience and empathy in the next generation.  


Thomas Edison State University

  • Bachelor of Applied Science - BAS, Nuclear Engineering Technology 


Rutgers University

  • Master of Business and Science


United States Navy 2000-2006

Mellissa Dill Self Defense Instructor
Non Profit Director Melissa Dill
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