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Online Violence Prevention Training


The non-profit organization, Center for Violence Prevention and Self Defense (CVPSD), is dedicated to fostering safer communities through education and empowerment. Recognizing the pervasive issue of violence in society, CVPSD is committed to breaking down barriers to access and ensuring that essential violence prevention training is available to all individuals, regardless of their financial means. By offering free and fee based online violence prevention training, CVPSD aims to reach a wider audience and equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to recognize, prevent, and respond to violence in various settings. The fee based learning supports our initiatives.

Self Paced Learning-(Free)


  1. Intro- How a Military Concept Called "Left of Bang" Can Apply To Violence Prevention and Self Defense

  2. Mitigating the Risk of Escalation When You Are the Central Element in a Volatile Situation

  3. The Perilous Path: How Refusing to Accept a "No" Can Lead to Anger and Potential Violence

  4. Top Four Principles To Survive Violence

  5. Self Defense: Developing The Survival Mindset To Protect Yourself In A Violent Encounter

  6. How To Develop A Going Home Mindset

  7. How Rethinking Fear Can Change Your Life And Put You On The Path To Fear Less Living

  8. How to Overcome Fear In Self Defense and Life

  9. When Fear Conceals Itself Among Other Emotions

  10. Safeguarding Against Carjacking, Kidnapping, and Robbery on the Road: Strategies and Examples

  11. Tips to Prevent Crimes in Hotels as a Guest - Crime Prevention in Hotels

  12. The 4 Most Common Places For Attacks On Women

  13. Social Violence vs. Asocial Violence: Why Knowing the Difference Can Save Your Life

  14. The 5 Ws in Self-Defense: What We Can Control

  15. How Do Attackers Pick Their Victims and How To Use Body Language To Improve Personal Safety

  16. Decoding Deception: How to Tell If Someone Is Lying

  17. Maintaining Boundaries in a Professional Setting: A Guide to Ethical Conduct

  18. The Crucial Role of Boundary Setting in Self-Defense

  19. Becoming an Undesirable Target In Self Defense: Protecting Yourself from Predators

  20. Understanding Aggressors: Motivations Behind Predators, Thieves, and the Enraged

  21. How To Develop a Sign-Countersign Challenge: Enhance Your Safety with a Trustworthy Contact

  22. Breaking The Mental Leashes Of Virtues In Self-Defense


Situational Awareness

  1. Navigating Perception: Unraveling Paranoia and Intuition

  2. From Playcraft To Tradecraft To Witchcraft: How Playful Learning Enhances Situation Awareness Skills

  3. The OODA Loop: A Powerful Tool for Self Defense

  4. Diversion Tactics Highly Manipulative People Use To Bait You Into Engagement

  5. How Can you Tell The Difference Between Paranoia and Intuition

  6. How To Prevent Misconceptions And Common Biases In Assessing Behavior Analysis In Threat Detection

  7. Situational Awareness: Your Primary Weapon in Self-Defense

  8. The Power of Proxemics: Enhancing Violence Prevention and Self-Defense through Situational Awareness

  9. Cultivating Vigilance: How to Develop Situational Awareness For Self Defense Through Training

  10. How To Use Pre Attack Indicators as a Signal In Violent Situation

  11. Pre-Incident Indicators: Unveiling How Predators Engage Their Targets

  12. Spotting The Pre-Incident Indicators For Personal Self Defense

  13. How To Spot The Top 8 Pre-Incident Indicators That Predators Use

  14. Pre-Incident Indicators: Unveiling How Predators Engage Their Targets

  15. Navigating Risk: Identifying High-Risk Areas for Personal Safety


Verbal De-escalation

  1. Learn The Art of Verbal Conflict De-escalation

  2. Mitigating the Risk of Escalation When You Are the Central Element in a Volatile Situation

  3. Personal Protective Stances and Tactics for Self Defense and Violence Prevention

  4. What Are The Five Stages of Violent Crime And How To Disrupt Them From Occurring

  5. Contact Management in Self-Defense: Reading Visual Cues to Stay Safe

  6. Navigating Use of Force Scenarios: A Guide to Self-Defense

  7. An Argument Against Fight Posturing: Understanding the Dangers Before an Assault

  8. Adaptable Mindset: The Power of Principles in Self-Defense Training

  9. Self-Defense Strategies for Smaller Individuals

  10. Conclusion- There Are No Certainties Only Probabilities-The Nature Of Violence Prevention And Self Defense

Online Video Course (Fee)

Three hour online course in violence prevention. Topics include

  • Learn How To Manage Fear

  • Explore New Situational Awareness Skills

  • Learn Integrated Self Defense

  • Develop Verbal De-escalation Skills

  • Identifying Pre Incident Threats

  • How To Spot Pre-Attack Indicators

  • Protective Congruent Body Language

  • Master Your Survival Response Mindset

Students of CVPSD Training Classes Have Reported

  • Increased Confidence in Crisis Management:

  • Enhanced Problem Identification Skills:

  • Improved Verbal De-escalation Techniques:

  • Greater Perceived Employer Support:

  • Enhanced Environmental Awareness:

  • Better Management of Fear:

  • Heightened Ability to Read Body Language:

  • Establishment of Personal Boundaries:

  • Effective Self-protection Strategies:

Did you know?

CVPSD is a 501(c)3

non-profit organization.


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