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How a UFC Fighter / Black Belt Instructor in Brazilian Jujitsu Was Beaten By Common Street Predator

Updated: Mar 30

How A Predator Stalked and Targeted UFC Fighter

In a surprising turn of events, a well-known UFC fighter and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, Instructor A, fell victim to a common street predator while visiting friends in New York City. Despite his formidable skills, Instructor A was targeted by the predator, who spotted him outside his car and initiated a confrontation.

Dressed in expensive attire and driving a late-model Mercedes Benz, Instructor A's appearance seemingly signaled wealth and status to the predator, who attempted to provoke a fight. Despite Instructor A's attempts to resist, the predator persisted, eventually baiting him into a physical altercation.

How a UFC Fighter / Black Belt Instructor in Brazilian Jujitsu Was Beaten By Common Street Predator
How a UFC Fighter / Black Belt Instructor in Brazilian Jujitsu Was Beaten By Common Street Predator

Emotions ran high, leading to law enforcement intervention and legal proceedings, resulting in substantial legal fees and potential further consequences for Instructor A. This incident sheds light on the reality that even individuals with extensive combat training can fall prey to street predators.

In the UFC, fighters sometimes accept fights solely for the purse, even if they anticipate losing, particularly when facing opponents of greater significance. In this scenario, the predator discerned the instructor's status based on his appearance, prompting them to accept the fight and the accompanying payout.

The seasoned fighter, focused solely on the perceived threat of insults, failed to discern the true intentions and goals of the predator.

Predators, adept at identifying signs of status and wealth, exploit these vulnerabilities to instigate confrontations and extract money from their targets. These pre-incident indicators, often overlooked, serve as warning signs of potential danger.

In "The Gift of Fear," Gavin De Becker delves into the concept of baiting as a tactic employed by predators to draw victims into conflict. Baiting involves deliberately provoking or instigating a confrontation, often exploiting vulnerabilities or triggers in the victim's behavior or circumstances.

Predators use baiting to manipulate their targets into reacting impulsively or emotionally, thereby increasing the likelihood of a physical altercation or other harmful outcome. By recognizing the signs of baiting and remaining vigilant against provocations, individuals can better protect themselves from falling victim to predatory tactics..

There are many ways predators can extract money from people in today's world. Emotional intelligence plays a crucial role in navigating such situations, requiring individuals to be mindful of their own ego, exercise restraint, and consider the broader context. By developing emotional intelligence and recognizing pre-incident indicators, individuals can better protect themselves from falling victim to street predators and avoid potentially harmful situations.

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