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Conflict Resolution And Self Defense Classes

Conflict Resolution And Self Defense Classes

Enrolling in a violence prevention or self-defense training class is a proactive and empowering step toward personal safety and confidence.


These classes offer practical skills that equip individuals with the ability to protect themselves in potentially dangerous situations.

Students of CVPSD Training Classes Have Reported (Learn More)

  • Increased Confidence in Crisis Management:

  • Enhanced Problem Identification Skills:

  • Improved Verbal De-escalation Techniques:

  • Greater Perceived Employer Support:

  • Enhanced Environmental Awareness:

  • Better Management of Fear:

  • Heightened Ability to Read Body Language:

  • Establishment of Personal Boundaries:

  • Effective Self-protection Strategies:

Evidence Based Violence Prevention and Self-Defense Training

The CVPSD (Center for Violence Prevention and Self-Defense) training program draws on over three decades of rigorous research and expertise curated from subject matter specialists in diverse fields of conflict management, risk mitigation, and prevention. Our method of program development remains unbiased and is continuously refreshed to stay current and effective.


Benefits From Promoting A Culture for Safety


Help People Feel Safer
Recent surveys conducted before and after CVPSD Workforce violence prevention training classes have revealed significant improvements in various key areas among participants.

Empower Your Workforce: Prioritize Safety and Nonviolence
Demonstrate your commitment to cultivating a safe and peaceful workplace environment through proactive educational initiatives.

Harness the Potential of Situational Awareness
While workplace incidents may arise unexpectedly, being caught off guard doesn't have to be the inevitable outcome. Through effective awareness training, staff members can be empowered to remain vigilant, accountable, and equipped to manage any situation that may arise.

Minimize Workplace Injuries
In certain industries, the occurrence of injuries and casualties is escalating, with workplace accidents and fatalities becoming alarmingly common. At our core, we hold the belief that every life is invaluable and should never be compromised, irrespective of the situation.

Mitigate Liability and Workers' Comp Claims
Today's landscape is rife with liability concerns, soaring workers' compensation insurance premiums, and the daunting burden of managing risks and navigating costly legal claims. Our proactive approach focuses on risk mitigation through comprehensive education and prevention strategies.

Enhance Your Dedication to Your Team

Training events come with a customizable media package offering a comprehensive array of services to amplify your dedication to your team and the impact of your organization's events.


Class Types

Private Classes

Violence prevention and self-defense training in a private setting with utmost confidentiality. For those who prioritize confidentiality, the option of private self defense training offers an learning experience that caters to the unique needs. Learn More


CVPSD's violence prevention training curriculum is accessible through via conferencing. Contact us to learn more.

Public Classes

CVPSD hosts public classes that are announced regularly throughout the state. To receive announcements please complete the form on this page.

Onsite Classes

CVPSD can bring Violence Prevention and Self-Defense Training classes to your agency, company or community group. Please complete the form on this page to be contacted to set up a discovery call.

Customized Training Classes

Violence prevention is not a one-size-fits-all concept. CVPSD can customize violence prevention and risk management classes to address the specific needs that align with an organization's compliance policies. Contact Us To Learn more

  • Assessment and Evaluation

  • Comprehensive Plan

  • Classroom Instruction

  • Practical Training

  • Post Assessment

  • Meaningful Change

Grant Based Training

CVPSD is committed to extending its training programs to deserving groups through grants aimed at fostering community safety. Through grants, CVPSD provides access to invaluable skills and knowledge that can effectively disrupt the domino effect of violence. The grants serve as a pathway for deserving groups to gain access to specialized training, fostering a culture of prevention and creating a ripple effect towards safer and more secure environments. Contact us 

Sliding Scale
CVPSD is committed to equitable access to self-defense training. Our classes are offered on a sliding scale basis, with no one turned away for lack of funds (click here for more info).

Self Defense Training Class Near Me

Empowerment Programs For Workplace-Communities

  • Violence Prevention Online

  • Domestic Violence IPV Awareness & Prevention

  • Stalking Awareness And Prevention

  • Workforce Violence Prevention -Hand Off Approach (90mins)

  • Violence Prevention And Self Defense Intermediate (3hrs)

  • Violence Prevention And Self Defense Advanced (6hrs)

  • Custom Workshops- Designed to meet organizational and agency compliance needs. Programs are modular so we can design a curriculum to emphasize or deemphasize physical aspects as well as academic instruction. Options such as weekly and monthly training classes are available.

What People Learn 

  • Principles of Violence Prevention

  • Use And Development Of Boundary Setting Skills

  • Understanding and Managing Fear

  • Survival Stress Response

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Situational Awareness Skills

  • Managing Threats

  • Top Pre Incident Indicators

  • Protective Congruent Body Language

  • Use of Verbal Conflict De Escalation Skills

  • Top Pre Attack Indicators

  • Common Release And Escape Techniques

Self Defense Training Modules

  • Ground Grappling Response

  • Standing Striking Response

Staff Response Training 
Staff response training refers to the process of educating and preparing employees to effectively handle various situations or emergencies that may arise in the workplace. This type of training typically covers a range of topics, including conflict resolution, emergency response procedures, customer service skills, de-escalation techniques, and communication strategies.

The goal of staff response training is to empower employees with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to respond appropriately and effectively to different scenarios they may encounter while on duty. By providing staff with the necessary training and tools, organizations can enhance safety, improve customer service, minimize risks, and mitigate potential conflicts or incidents.

Verbally De-escalate Conflict
Verbally De-escalate Conflict is a proactive approach aimed at defusing tense or potentially volatile situations to ensure safety for all involved parties. This strategy involves employing various communication techniques and conflict resolution skills to reduce tension, manage emotions, and promote calmness.

The goal of de-escalation is to prevent a situation from escalating into violence or harm by addressing the underlying causes of conflict and finding mutually acceptable resolutions. This may involve active listening, empathetic communication, validating feelings, and offering reassurance to those involved.

By de-escalating, individuals can create a conducive environment for constructive dialogue and problem-solving, minimizing the risk of harm or injury. This approach is particularly valuable in settings where conflicts may arise, such as in customer service interactions, law enforcement encounters, or interpersonal relationships.

Overall, de-escalation empowers individuals to effectively manage challenging situations with confidence and professionalism, promoting peaceful resolutions and fostering positive outcomes.

Active Shooter Training
Active Shooter Training for the workplace is a specialized program designed to educate employees and employers on how to respond effectively to an active shooter incident in their workplace. The training covers various topics, including recognizing the signs of potential violence, understanding different types of firearms, and learning how to safely evacuate or shelter in place during an active shooter event.

Participants in Active Shooter Training for the workplace are taught practical strategies for survival, such as how to quickly assess their surroundings, identify potential escape routes, and make informed decisions under stress. Additionally, they may learn techniques for barricading doors, communicating with law enforcement, and providing first aid to themselves and others in the event of injuries.

The goal of Active Shooter Training for the workplace is to empower employees and employers to take decisive action in the face of an active shooter threat, potentially saving lives and minimizing casualties. By practicing situational awareness and learning effective response tactics, participants can increase their chances of survival in emergency situations and contribute to creating a safer work environment.


Not seeing your preferred class or course scheduled? We typically post our schedule of classes and courses once a quarter depending on instructor and venue availability. Check this page for more info or sign up for our mailing list (below) to receive any future class dates. announcements.


You can also make a tax-deductible donation to support others taking a class.

To keep our classes open and accessible to all, we ask that you contribute at the highest level you can.

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