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Sponsor Non Profit Violence Prevention and Self Defense Training

Partner with CVPSD by becoming an Annual Sponsor. Together, we can prevent future crises, and help those coping with past ones.

Benefits of Corporate Sponsorships With a Non-profit Organization.

Sponsoring the Center for Violence Prevention and Self Defense can be a strategic and impactful decision for several reasons:

  1. Community Investment: By sponsoring the center, your company demonstrates a commitment to the safety and well-being of the community. This resonates positively with local residents and potential customers, fostering a strong and positive brand image.

  2. Social Responsibility: Supporting an organization focused on violence prevention aligns with corporate social responsibility initiatives. It showcases your company's dedication to making a meaningful difference in societal challenges.

  3. Brand Exposure: Sponsorship provides your company with valuable exposure and visibility. Your logo and brand message displayed at the center's events, workshops, and materials can enhance brand recognition and awareness.

  4. Target Audience Reach: If your target audience includes individuals concerned about personal safety, violence prevention, or self-defense, sponsoring the center gives you direct access to an engaged and relevant demographic.

  5. Educational Partnership: Sponsoring an organization focused on education and skill-building demonstrates your commitment to empowering individuals with practical knowledge. It aligns with the empowerment theme and showcases your company's dedication to education.

  6. Networking Opportunities: Sponsorship often involves participation in events, workshops, and seminars hosted by the center. This provides networking opportunities, allowing you to connect with potential clients, partners, and community leaders.

  7. Crisis Management: In the unfortunate event of a violent incident or public safety concern, your sponsorship highlights your proactive involvement in violence prevention, aiding your company's reputation in times of crisis.

  8. Employee Engagement: Sponsoring a meaningful cause can boost employee morale and engagement. Employees take pride in working for a company that contributes to important societal issues.

  9. Positive Public Relations: Supporting a violence prevention center generates positive media coverage and public relations opportunities. Your company's involvement in community safety initiatives can lead to favorable media attention.

  10. Long-Term Impact: By sponsoring the center, you contribute to building a safer community. This lasting impact aligns with the sustainability and legacy goals of many companies.

  11. Personal Connection: If personal safety is a concern for your employees or stakeholders, supporting a violence prevention center demonstrates your commitment to their well-being.

  12. Brand-Safe Environment: CVPSD offers your brand a unique opportunity to connect with an engaged audience in an exclusive, trusted, brand-safe  environment. 

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Sponsor Non Profit Violence Prevention and Self Defense Training
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Sponsorships Support Our Mission: 

  • Make a meaningful impact on the lives of thousands and help shift perspectives.

  • Your contributions enable us to develop valuable online training resources.

  • Your generous donations assist us in acquiring and maintaining vital self defense equipment for our classes.

  • Empower a domestic violence shelter by sponsoring a transformative workshop.

  • Sponsor an entire basics class specifically designed for at risk teens.

  • Work with like minded people who share our mission of safeguarding vulnerable communities.

  • By supporting us, you play a crucial role in ensuring the longevity of CVPSD's impactful initiatives.

  • Develop the next wave of transformative violence prevention self defense training.

Sponsorship Tiers


Platinum Sponsor Benefits

  • Use of CVPSD Partner Logo

  • Feature Article

  • Sponsorship Logo On Signage

  • Sponsorship Logo on Collateral Training Materials

  • Frontpage Banklink

  • Exposure on CVPSD Social Media and Participating Partners

  • Email Newsletter Banklink

  • Sponsored Training

  • Acknowledgement In A Press Release

Charter Sponsor Benefits

  • Use of CVPSD Charter Partner Logo

  • Feature Article

  • Sponsorship Logo On Signage

  • Sponsorship Webpage Banklink

  • Exposure on CVPSD Social Media and Participating Partners

  • Sponsored Training

  • Acknowledgement In A Press Release

Associate Sponsor Benefits

  • Use of CVPSD Associate Partner Logo

  • Feature Article

  • Sponsorship Webpage Banklink

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