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Center For Violence Prevention And Self Defense (CVPSD) Training Class Reviews

  • The class was informative + useful for not only employment setting but being out in the world in general. Thanks!

  • The instructors are engaging.

  • I thought the trainers were great worked very well together and super knowledgeable good team for my team.

  • I really enjoyed Melissa and Will as instructors. They were very. knowledgeable and made the techniques as easy as possible to learn.

  • All of the training is very important especially in the field of work and daily life

  • Great techniques for crisis intervention.

  • Training was great! Good knowledgeable trainers loved the content and will definitely use it

  • This training has been helpful to assist me in keeping myself and staff safe. It also important that is has given me the tools to create a more safe environment.

  • Trainers were fully aware of the setting for our agency and was able to relate training.

  • The training session was excellent. I was able to learn new techniques and skills.

  • Felt as today was very useful, very well explained. Instructors were amazing Thank you for the help + support.

  • Great training, especially for those who have not been in a acute care setting.

  • Training was very educational and informative. I feel that I can protect myself in violence situation safley.

  • Liked the probability and statistics class. Each subject covered builds on the previous topic.

  • It was excellent training. Lots of information and also how to utilize physical skills according to the need and circumstance.

  • This session was very informative. Learned something new and new way of protecting myself and others.

  • Very good and important training.

  • I’m so impressed with what you folks offer the community.

  • The instructors were very knowledgeable and detailed.

  • The training was very useful with the population we deal with. It makes me comfortable working in any behavioral home.

  • Great Training!

  • The trainers were very informative

  • Loved the hands on. Great examples


The Impact of Workplace Violence Prevention Training

by CVPSD -Before And After Survey Results


  • Pre attack indicators and escapes.

  • De Escalation cycle. FEAR- face everything and rise or run

  • De-escalation and verbal skills.

  • All subjects were useful.

  • Situational awareness.

  • All

  • Triggers and de-escalation

  • De-escalation

  • Useful moves.

  • All was useful.

  • Common triggers.

  • Safety Techniques.

  • Self Defense techniques.

  • De-escalation and types of predators.

  • Bell curve and the colored emotions

  • Hands on skills

  • Left of bang

  • De Escalation and boundaries

  • Common triggers

  • Videos

  • Choking Prevention

  • Physical Self Defense Skills

  • Interactive Portion

  • Techniques

  • Choke defenses

  • Self Defense

  • Choke Defense

  • De-escalation

  • Choking Prevention

  • Prevention / De-escalation

Center For Violence Prevention And Self Defense (CVPSD) Training Class Reviews
CVPSD Training Class Reviews
CVPSD reviews
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