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Private In Home Self-Defense Classes In New Jersey

Personalized Self-Defense Classes In NJ Tailored To You

Our trainers and instructors want you to get the most out of your self-defense classes. That’s why we offer convenient private session and class options at various times and in different environments to fit any schedule while staying in your comfort zone.

We invite you to choose from the following class options:

Personalized Self-Defense Classes In NJ Tailored To You
Train with kickboxing and self-defense experts from home. CVPSD offers a variety of martial arts training courses to experience from home
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Private Self-Defense Classes

Whether you want to punch pads, relieve stress, or compete at an elite level, our private sessions, led by NJ based professional instructors, teach proven and effective techniques in:

  • Kickboxing

  • Krav Maga

  • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)

  • Cardio Kickboxing

  • HIIT Kickboxing

  • Real self-defense

We offer private sessions:

  • in studio

  • in home

  • online

In-Home Self-Defense Training

When it comes to improving your fitness and equipping yourself with essential safety skills, few activities rival the effectiveness of self-defense and MMA training at home. These classes and private sessions offer a holistic approach to wellness, enhancing both physical and mental balance while instilling a sense of empowerment. By engaging in mixed martial arts, you can boost your overall health, strength, and confidence. With the guidance of our expert team at CVPSD, you can now embark on professional-level training right from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you're seeking to learn the fundamentals of self-defense or struggling to find time for traditional academy classes, we welcome you to experience the benefits of self-defense and martial arts in the convenience and safety of your living room. As a leading provider of in-home self-defense classes and private sessions, CVPSD pairs you with experienced personal instructors dedicated to your progress. Together, you'll create and execute a customized training plan tailored to your specific self-defense and fitness objectives, all while enjoying the process.

Get Stronger With In-Home Self-Defense Training

Experience all the advantages of training in an academy without the ego, right from the comfort of your own home. The hassles of scheduling, packing equipment, and commuting to a studio can often outweigh the benefits of traditional MMA or self-defense classes. That's why many individuals prefer the convenience and personalized attention of private instruction in their own space. As modern life continues to demand more of our time, integrating an in-home self-defense class into your routine has never been simpler or more convenient.

For some, the atmosphere of a traditional academy can be off-putting, with concerns about ego and feeling unsafe during self-defense training. Whether you're new to martial arts or returning after a hiatus, the group setting of a studio can sometimes feel intimidating. CVPSD's in-home self-defense classes and private sessions offer a welcoming and supportive environment where you can learn new skills or enhance your existing training without the pressures of a group setting. With personalized instruction and a focus on your individual needs, you'll build strength, confidence, and the ability to defend yourself and your loved ones in any situation.

Private Self-Defense Classes NJ
In-Home Martial Arts Classes Are For Everyone In New Jersey
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In-Home Martial Arts Classes Are For Everyone In New Jersey

Experience the convenience and flexibility of at-home mixed martial arts, kickboxing, and self-defense classes, tailored to fit your busy schedule. Say goodbye to navigating busy traffic and hectic schedules – with our personalized approach, you can arrange sessions at a time that suits you best, right in the comfort of your own home. For those who may feel apprehensive about practicing in a studio setting, our at-home classes offer a unique opportunity to deepen your connection to these skills while focusing on your individual needs. Whether you're a single parent, busy professional, student, or athlete, our personal instructors can customize their training to align with your goals and interests.


From honing real self-defense techniques to improving fitness or gaining a competitive edge, our specialized classes – including Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and kickboxing – provide a safe and enjoyable pathway to achieving your objectives. Practicing martial arts at home under the guidance of experienced instructors allows you to challenge yourself in a familiar environment, free from distractions. With personalized attention and the flexibility to focus on specific moves or forms, you'll have the support you need to progress safely and effectively towards your goals.

Start Practicing MMA and Self-Defense

At Home Today

Escape the distractions and pressures of a traditional academy setting with private martial arts and self-defense classes tailored to your individual needs. Private sessions provide an unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself fully in your training, benefiting from undivided attention and personalized instruction from your instructor. With in-home lessons, you gain greater flexibility in scheduling, allowing you to prioritize your training alongside your busy lifestyle. Experience focused guidance, accelerated skill development, and enhanced confidence as you embark on a journey of growth and empowerment in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

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