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The Low Visibility High Security (LowVisHisec) Concept and How It Can Make A World Of Difference In Your Self Defense

Updated: Jan 13

The Art of Self-Defense Through Subtlety

In the world of self-defense, maintaining a low visibility high security posture is an essential skill for staying safe in potentially dangerous situations. This concept, known as LowVisHisec, involves positioning your body in a way that is both easily defensible and easily offensive, while not escalating the situation.

The Low Visibility High Security (LowVisHisec) Concept and How It Can Make A World Of Difference In Your Self Defense
The Low Visibility High Security (LowVisHisec) Concept and How It Can Make A World Of Difference In Your Self Defense

LowVisHisec is a subtle art that requires awareness of your surroundings and an understanding of body mechanics. By adopting a low-profile stance and keeping your hands in a non-threatening position, you can be ready to respond to any potential threat without drawing unwanted attention to yourself.

This approach to self-defense emphasizes the importance of being proactive rather than reactive. By being aware of your environment and the people around you, you can anticipate potential threats and take steps to avoid them before they escalate.

High Self Protection and Security Without Escalating the Situation

LowVisHisec self-defense posture is designed to maintain a low-profile stance while being easily defensible and offensive. This approach emphasizes the importance of not escalating the situation. By adopting a non-threatening posture and keeping your hands in a non-threatening position, you can avoid provoking or escalating a potential conflict.

This is important for several reasons. First, it allows you to maintain control of the situation and avoid unnecessary confrontations. Second, it reduces the risk of harm to yourself and others. By not escalating the situation, you can de-escalate potential conflicts and resolve them peacefully.

One of the key principles of LowVisHisec is to maintain a relaxed and confident posture. This not only helps to prevent potential attackers from viewing you as an easy target, but it also allows you to respond more quickly and effectively if a threat does arise.

In addition to maintaining a low-profile stance, LowVisHisec also involves using subtle movements to maintain a strong defensive and offensive position. By keeping your weight balanced and your body relaxed, you can quickly shift your position to respond to any potential threat.

Hand positioning is crucial. One key principle is to keep your hands higher than the threat's hand positioning. This allows you to maintain control and protect yourself more effectively.

By keeping your hands higher, you can more easily deflect or block incoming attacks. It also helps to maintain a safe distance from your opponent, reducing the chances of them grabbing or striking you. Additionally, keeping your hands in a higher position can help you to be more agile and responsive, allowing you to react quickly to any potential threat. The following articles explore this in greater detail.

Ultimately, the goal of LowVisHisec is to help you stay safe in potentially dangerous situations by being aware of your surroundings and maintaining a subtle, yet effective, self-defense posture. By incorporating these principles into your daily life, you can increase your personal security and reduce the risk of becoming a victim of violence.

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