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NYC EMT Stabbed by Patient Speaks Out, Calls for Better Protections

A New York City EMT, Julia Fatum, is bravely sharing her story after a horrific incident last July. Fatum was stabbed eight times by a patient in the back of an ambulance while responding to a call. NEW YORK — The terrifying attack took place in July 2023, Fatum recalls in an interview with the New York Post.

Nightmarish Encounter

Fatum, 26, responded to a call for a man experiencing heart trouble. On the way to the hospital, the patient, Rudolph Garcia, became agitated. He then pulled a knife from his sock and attacked Fatum. Despite attempting to escape, she suffered multiple stab wounds, including a punctured lung.

NYC EMT Stabbed by Patient Speaks Out, Calls for Better Protections
NYC EMT Stabbed by Patient Speaks Out, Calls for Better Protections

Recovery and Advocacy

Fatum's physical and emotional recovery continues. She endures nerve damage and struggles with PTSD. However, she's determined to move forward. Fatum is pursuing a physician assistant degree and plans to return to the medical field.

A Call for Change

This experience has driven Fatum to advocate for better protections for first responders. She points out the frequent violence EMTs face, from verbal abuse to physical attacks. Fatum has launched a petition urging for measures like bulletproof vests, self-defense training, and harsher penalties for those who assault emergency workers.

A City on Notice

Fatum's story sheds light on a concerning trend. Assaults on EMTs in the city have risen significantly. Her bravery in speaking out highlights the need for action to ensure the safety of those who risk their lives to help others.

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