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Conflict Resolution And Self Defense Training

Self Defense Training
Self Defense Training NJ


Since body language compromises 60% of all communication, prior to most violent attacks, there is going to be what's called pre-attack indicators. Pre Attack Indicators reveal people's true intentions. Watch Video

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In a surprising turn of events, a well-known UFC fighter and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, Instructor, fell victim to a common street predator. Despite his formidable skills, he was targeted by the predator, who spotted him outside his car and initiated a confrontation.  Learn More

Making Good Humans Safer

The CVPSD (Center for Violence Prevention and Self-Defense) training program draws on over three decades of rigorous research and expertise curated from subject matter specialists in diverse fields of conflict management, risk mitigation, and prevention. Our method of program development remains unbiased and is continuously refreshed to stay current and effective. We teach simple techniques that anyone can use to prevent violence and reduce conflict.

Conflict Resolution

Learn simple techniques that anyone can use to prevent violence and reduce conflict

  • Corporate

  • Social Services Personal

  • Residential Care Workers

  • Individuals

  • Schools

  • Seniors

  • First Responder / EMT

  • Frontline Workers

  • Real Estate Safety Training

  • Security Personal

  • Women

  • Churches-Mosques-Synagogues

  • Community Organizations

  • Visiting Care Workers

  • Kids -Teens

​Private | Group | Corporate | Agency

We teach others how to improve their personal safety in minutes, not months.


First, thank you very much for the information and training that was provided last week. The information will be very beneficial for our team in order to remain safe in the community. Also, thank you for looking into this, this seems to be a very effective and simple way to implement safety while transporting. AVP- Behavioral Health Services







In January 2024, a highly impactful Workforce Violence Prevention Training Class concluded in New Jersey, marking a significant step towards creating safer and more secure work environments for individuals. This comprehensive program not only addressed the immediate concerns of violence prevention but also prioritized an integrated approach to employee well-being.

Successful Conclusion of New Jersey Workforce Violence Prevention Training Class in January 2024

Free Online Conflict Resolution And Self Defense Blog

It's a well-known fact that unfortunate events can strike even the best of us, often leaving us overwhelmed with fear. However, this need not dictate our lives indefinitely! Discover through practical insights and cutting-edge scientific findings how you can safeguard yourself and deter violence from impacting your life. Uncover the unexpected avenues through which you can reclaim empowerment in your everyday routine, all at no cost.

Organization Violence Prevention Compliance Credentials

In an era where workplace safety is a growing concern, the Center for Violence Prevention and Self Defense (CVPSD) has taken a groundbreaking step by introducing the International Standards for Violence Prevention (ISVP) accreditation / certification. This standardized credential offers organizations a robust framework and guidelines to elevate their violence prevention strategies, ensuring safer environments for both staff and clients.

International Standards for Violence Prevention accreditation  certification
Self Defense, Conflict Resolution Training Class NJ

United Nations Global Marketplace Authorized Supplier

CVPSD joins a select group of organizations recognized for their expertise and dedication to advancing the United Nations' mission of promoting peace, security, and human rights. Through this membership, CVPSD will have the opportunity to contribute its expertise in violence prevention and self-defense to United Nations initiatives and projects around the world.

CVPSD Training Reviews 

  • The class was informative + useful for not only employment setting but being out in the world in general. Thanks

  • Training was great! Good knowledgeable trainers loved the content and will definitely use it

  • This training has been helpful to assist me in keeping myself and staff safe. It is also important that it has given me the tools to create a more safe environment.

  • Trainers were fully aware of the setting for our agency and were able to relate training.

  • The training session was excellent. I was able to learn new techniques and skills.

  • Felt as today was very useful, very well explained. Instructors were amazing. Thank you for the help + support.

  • Great training, especially for those who have not been in an acute care setting.

  • Training was very educational and informative. I feel that I can protect myself in violence situation safely.

  • I’m so impressed with what you folks offer the community.

  • Liked the probability and statistics class. Each subject covered builds on the previous topic.

  • It was excellent training. Lots' of information and also how to utilize physical skills according to the need and circumstance.

  • This session was very informative. Learned something new and new way of protecting myself and others.

  • The training was very useful with the population we deal with. It makes me comfortable working in any behavioral home.

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Conflict Resolution NJ
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